Magic in London

London is my favourite city in the world. There’s something magical about London. Walking around London at night is one of the most amazing things ever. Especially when you meet celebrities. But seeing the river Thames and all of the city lights at night is very beautiful. I believe anything is possible in London. Just being in London automatically makes me feel more confident. I feel happy, free and brave. I feel like i can do whatever I want and no one can stop me. I mean, people can try, but they’ll fail. The mere fact that a place like London exists is a reason to be happy. I never want to leave London. It always makes me wanna scream “Hello world, this is me and no one can stop me!”.¬† Driving through London and listening to “Elenore – The Turtles” is perfect. There are so many things you can do in London. So many opportunities that are waiting for you to take them.

I have a feeling that tomorrow is gonna be a good day. I’ll simply make it a good day. I’m gonna curl my hair and dress up nicely and be happy and enjoy every minute of it. I don’t even know why I’m so happy right now, but I just am. I’m gonna try my best to figure out what I really want and once I’ve done that, it’ll be easy to make a plan to reach my goal. But often the one thing you seem to want turns out to be the thing you can’t get. London has taught me one thing: never give up. I certainly will never give up. I’ll fight for the things I want. I know this is a short blog-post, but that’s all I wanted to say.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo



I don’t have wifi so I have no idea when you’ll be able to read this blog-post. If you’re reading this, it means that my wifi is back or that I’ve found another way to upload this. To be honest, I don’t know what to say. I might have a crush on my Italian friend now… But maybe I’m imagining things. I get at least two new crushes per week. My last three crushes aren’t even crushes any longer. Forget about eyebrow-guy (who hasn’t even replied to my message yet), NGND and all of the others. I should just stay friends with them and not take it any further. If there’s a guy I really like and who likes me back, then I might consider being in a relationship with him. It seems like I’m obsessed with this topic lately. But now I’ve found something productive to do (which doesn’t involve doing course work or studying for my exams): writing.

Not only writing blog-posts, but short-stories and transforming these short-stories into scripts and making films out of the scripts. That’s what film-making is all about: passion for the subject and original ideas. You need both to be successful, but you also need talented actors, a good camera-man, editors, and a marvelous director. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see one of my films on screen one day. Never say never. I have so many ideas it’s insane! Film-making as well as acting and writing songs/scripts/stories/etc. is my passion. I couldn’t live without films and music. Then again, I couldn’t live without chocolate and pizza, but that’s another topic.

I’ll focus on my work from now on. I want to be productive in a way. I want to change the world. Make it a better place. Make people feel something when they watch my films or listen to my songs. I’m sure one day I’ll find someone who loves my art as much as I do. But what is art? It’s a way of expressing yourself. Your emotions. Your soul. Art = Life. I think I might’ve found that person already… He just sent me a good morning message. How much I missed getting good morning messages from a guy that really cares about me! I’ll keep you updated! No more excuses now that I’m finally re-connected ;D.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo

Drama, baby, drama!!!

My life is always full of drama so why shouldn’t I write about it in a blog? Drama basically is the essence of my existence if I like it or not and, trust me, I don’t like it. On most days. Remember when my house caught fire and my cat died in the flames last week? This week, my castle was on fire because a guy set 12 fires to kill us all. Really nice of him. Some people just want to see the world burn – or castles in this case. Luckily, the police caught him and no one got hurt so everything is fine. For now…


Thanks to the fire(s), I made tons of new friends! I met some pretty nice girls and some extremely cute guys. I saw film-guy, but, to be honest, I don’t like him anymore and I’m currently doubting that I’ve ever even liked him. He’s not my type. But then again, who is my type? I have high standards. Yesterday, a guy asked me out and it was really awkward. Because of the fire, I was living in a 5-star De Vere Hotel. At least I had a double bed for myself, a bathroom with a bathtub, and a plasma TV. I could get used to living in hotel suites. But anyways, me and that guy were playing chess on a giant chess board and then he was like “I was wondering if you’d like to go for a drink some time? Not as a thing, no really not as a thing. Just to get to know you better”. And in my head I was like “Okayyyy this is awkward. Why is he acting so awkward? What’s his name? I’ve known him for months and I don’t even know his name…” and in reality I was like “Sure, but I’m busy next week”, which technically wasn’t even a lie because I still have to finish writing an essay and pack for my trip to Europe so this “let’s go for a drink”-thing will never happen. Not if I can help it at least. But I met two other cute guys who I’d like to get to know better. Actually, there are three guys, but one of them is a friend of mine. I should really make a list of all of my guy-crushes because not even my bestie knows which guy is my current number one. I don’t even know who’s my number one because it changes every other week.

Here’s an updated guy-list:

  1. Eyebrow-guy: The first thing I noticed about him were his perfectly shaped eyebrows. Sounds weird, but it’s the truth. He’s nice, funny, BUT he could be a fuckboy and I don’t think I’ll ever talk to him again anyways.
  2. Military-guy: We have some lectures together, but we’d never talked before. The first thing I noticed about him was his military jacket, but he’s not wearing it every day. He’s intelligent and a bit of an introvert. Maybe I only like him because he complimented me (he said that I have a lovely accent). I’ll try to talk to him again next week.
  3. Nice-guy-next-door (NGND): he is really, really, really nice. He’s always offering his help and he’s making an effort to see me. He doesn’t live next door though, but he’s the typical nice guy. I can forgive him that he forgot my name ONCE. We hadn’t even talked back then. He might not be the one, but he’s definitely a keeper.

So that’s my current guy-list. I have no idea if any of them will come to the second stage (proper dating stage), but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo


Jingle Bell Rocking London

A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.

I can confirm that this inspirational quote is true. I had the worst and the best day ever in London. Incidentally, both in the same week. Let’s start with the worst day ever: my home caught fire and one of my cats died in the flames. I was too shocked to cry. I questioned everything that had ever happened in my life. How did I deserve this? Then I went to my besties’ place and he managed to cheer me up (with cuddles, hugs and kisses – just as friends of course!). He told me that this horrible thing gave me a lot of good karma and that something great will happen to me to make up for the bad thing. He was right. Something truly magical happened: I went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This was by far the best day I’ve ever had. I spent hundreds of pounds on food, mulled wine, and rides! The roller coasters were the best (especially the scary looking Munich looping!). Believe it or not, but I had never ridden a roller coaster in my whole life before I went to the Winter Wonderland. My friends call me the roller coaster queen now because I even went on roller coasters they were afraid of and it was my first time ever riding roller coasters! The adrenalin kick and the memories are priceless. I felt like a little girl again. Winter Wonderland really makes all of your dreams come true. It’s the perfect proof that you CAN buy happiness. And I needed a LOT of happiness after the horrible thing that happened to me. I wish there was a Winter Wonderland all year round because then I could always go there when I’m sad and the delicious food and the rides would immediately cheer me up! The Christmas music, the snow (don’t tell me it was fake!!!) and the whole atmosphere where simply amazing. Everything in London looks absolutely stunning in the Christmas time. Oxford street at night with all the Christmas decoration and fairy lights in the trees is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen (apart from the WW). I simply had so much fun! I’d highly recommend going there if you’re ever in London around Christmas. Here’s a quick love update: I can confirm that I don’t have any feelings for SN1 (he’s basically dead to me now) and my bestie (we’re still best friends, don’t worry). I might have feelings for film guy though… I would love to go to WW with him, but 1. I have no idea if he’s even interested in me 2. He might be gay. I’ll have to find out more about him, but I’m not the kind of person who stalks their crush on social media so I’ll have to wait until we meet again to talk to him. I hope that we’ll meet soon so I’ll try my best to get a real date with him. Wish me luck!

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo

Adventure time (ft. Elton John’s dogs)

I’m in a really good mood today.

I’m happy.

I nearly forgot what being happy feels like because my week was horrible. But everything changed today…

I had an adventure with three of my friends and I met so many awesome new people! Two girls told me that they loved my coat (it really is gorgeous!) and another girl thought I was a make-up pro because my eye-shadow was en pointe. I took part in a quiz show today and even though my team lost it was a lot of fun and a great experience! Plus I embarrassed the people who made the quiz show when they were interviewing me afterwards. They wanted me to think of a question for their show and I was like “How did Socrates die?” and no one knew it apart from me and the guy from my team. I was utterly shocked to be honest¬† because things like that are general knowledge. If you don’t know how Socrates died then please stop reading, leave my blog immediately and read Socrates’ whole biography (I’m just kidding). When I first got into the studio one of the camera guys greeted me and the guy from my team and I thought “He looks kinda cute”. But I didn’t think that I’d talk to him again. After the show he told me I did a great job which I honestly didn’t, but at least that’s how we started a nice conversation. He’s a really nice guy and I think we’ll become good friends because we had this instant connection just like me and my best friend when I met him for the first time.

After that, me and three of my guy friends went on a trip to go to houses of celebrities. I won’t mention all of them, but one of the coolest was Elton John’s house. We technically weren’t allowed to even enter, but we did anyways because I wanted to get some great selfies (which I did). Unfortunately, Elton wasn’t home, but we talked to his butler and met his dogs, which is at least something. In the evening, we went to a classical concert in the chapel of the castle I live in, which was really nice and relaxing and the choir was amazing!

Quick life update: I have no idea what to do with suitor number 1. Completely shut him out of my life or give him ANOTHER chance? I don’t think he deserves another chance. He doesn’t even wanna see me anymore so why should I put up with him any longer? There are so many guys out there and I have tons of admirers dying to get a date with me so maybe I should give THEM a chance for a change. They won’t take me for granted at least. I have a feeling next week will be absolutely amazing! I’m gonna live my life the way I want now and I’m not gonna let other people decide about how I feel (unless they make me feel really good). I hope all of you have a great week!

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo