So baby pull me closer…


…in the backseat of your Rover.

Recognise the lyrics?

We had a Christmas party last night which ended up being more of a karaoke night. Me and NGND were on a team and my other two friends were battling us. It was so much fun! Apart from the fact that the two people who were supposed to be the jury didn’t really pay attention, but they were totally missing out.

I’m going to meet up with my band for the first time on Wednesday. I might ask NGND to come along, but then again, I’d rather be with him alone. Good news: I wrote a new song. I can’t stop listening to the recording and singing it. I think it’s my favourite song of all the songs I’ve ever written. I can’t wait for NGND to hear it… Maybe I’ll invite him over for a private piano concert sometime. That’s usually how I make guys fall for me. Play them a song, be nice and look pretty and BOOM! They fall for you. It’s really easy.

But first you have to trick them into listening to one of your songs or into coming to the music room with you. If you’re not musical, then you’ve already lost (just kidding). I have developed a new make-him-fall-for-you-technique for NGND:

Step 1: Wear less make-up and enhance your natural beauty.

Step 2: Be friendly and interested in what he has to say.

Step 3: Take him to the music room.

Step 4: Play a song you’re working on for him to make him feel special.

Step 5: Wait and drink tea 😉

I’m still working on step 1.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo




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