Pizza night & hug me tight

I was extremely productive yesterday even though I woke up at 1pm. Yes, I spent most of my day in my bed and in my besties’ bed, but it was still really productive. Plus who says you have to go to the library to get work done? Not if you’re a princess like me: if you can have breakfast in bed then you might as well do your work in bed. Most of my friends swear that my bed is a part of me and I can confirm this is true. But to be honest, I have my least and most productive moments when I’m in bed and yesterday happened to be one of the rare productive moments. I actually managed to finish my essay even though it’s due in two weeks.

After that, I spent my whole evening with my bestie: eating pizza, playing games, watching movies, cuddling and booking concert tickets. Living the lush life. Everything is so easy when I’m with him. I don’t have to worry about a single thing in the world. I can just be myself. Have fun, be happy, do crazy things, hug and talk about all of the guy gossip in my life. In the past three days a guy asked me to go on a date with him more than three times and I always said no. He wanted to know what he has to do to make me say yes and I told him that I’ll never say yes and I’m high maintenance and he couldn’t handle being with me anyways. My expectations are always way too high, which is why I decided to stop having expectations. I don’t have any expectations when I’m with my bestie and it just feels good. I have high expectations when I’m with suitor number one though and he almost always manages to disappoint me. The guy who asked me out is a friend of mine, but he has an enormous crush on me so I’m worried this will end our friendship one day. Some people actually think we’re in a relationship because we’re always spending time together (that’s only  because we have 80% of our courses together). Other people keep asking me when my bestie and I start dating and I said never. One of my friends said that he thinks we’ll start dating within the next 12 months. To be honest, I don’t think this will ever happen. He’s not ready for a relationship and suitor number 1 is. Then again, SN1 is boring af. *sigh* Why is everything so complicated?

I decided not to think about all of the complicated things in my life any longer and instead enjoy life as it is. That’s what I’m doing right now: chilling, listening to music and writing this blog-post. Today is gonna be a nice, lazy Sunday. I might go to a screening tonight or meet my bestie and watch Lord of the rings. I haven’t decided yet, but either way, it’s gonna be relaxing.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo



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