Philosophical late night thoughts #1

Is suitor number 1 the one? Highly unlikely. But if it’s not him, who is it then?


It’s my mission to find him.

Maybe it’s my bestie. He’s always there for me, we have those movie moments and he’s one of the few people who are allowed to see me when I look my worst. Then again, he’s my bestie for a reason. I don’t wanna lose him because then I’d only have my normal friends and I don’t really tell them about all of the guy drama in my life. I keep telling myself that I hate it, but honestly, I’m feeding from the drama. To be honest, that’s probably the only proper thing I eat. Therefore, without the drama, I’d starve. I’m basically like Blair Waldorf: a popular, determined, skinny high society bitch with tons of suitors.

Emotional breakdown.

Just kidding, I’m fine. Today has simply been a weird day. Neither SN1 nor my bestie love me in a romantic sense. But still, SN1 wants to be with me. It’s confusing, but I stopped worrying about things that are beyond the reach of my capacities. I will never know what’s going on in SN1’s mind. Likewise, no one will ever understand me.

I should try to stop controlling my life and let it control me instead. I should simply wait for life to happen as stupid as it may sound. If you don’t have any expectations, you won’t be disappointed. That’s the key to happiness. Everything will work out somehow. I just have to worry less and live more. Because I only get to live one life so it better be good!

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo





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