A Brand New Start

Who am I? And how many?

I’ve just asked my friend to describe me in three words.

That’s what he said: Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.

And after that: JK. Faithful. Smart. Innocent/naive. 

To be honest, he’s right. I can be a real bitch sometimes. I also am faithful and smart, but am I really naive? It’s not like I’d take apples from old scary looking witches or chocolate from a pedophile. But since people tend to mistake me for the-nice-girl-next-door, I guess the latter is justified. The way we perceive ourselves often turns out to be completely different from the way other people perceive us. Having survived my exam today, I thought it might be the right time for a brand new start. No kidding – I probably failed, but seriously: how could I, the Queen of procrastination and laziness, have passed? Perhaps with the help of Fortuna, but now it’s too late for that anyways. I shouldn’t dwell on things that happened in the past because that’s exactly what they are: THE PAST. Tomorrow will be a brand new day. The perfect day for a brand new start (naturally, with brand new clothes to celebrate!). Another friend described me as “fascinating, beautiful and difficult”. I’m wondering why he thinks I’m difficult, but maybe by difficult he means complex. Hopefully. Because my personality is complex indeed and therefore difficult to understand if that makes any sense. That might sound a bit too self-confident, but I already knew that I’m fascinating and beautiful. People compliment me every day. Especially suitor number 1… If I had a heart, I would definitely feel sorry for all of the mean things I wrote about him in my blog. But to be honest, he kinda deserved it and I know you guys can keep a secret. That’s how my best friend described my personality: “Dark humour, narcissistic, excitable” and I told him “dark humour” doesn’t count because it’s two words and he said “But it needs four words, your personality is just so big” so I guess I can make an exception. But only because we’re besties – just to make that clear.

Anyhow, I vow that I will try to study more and procrastinate less from now on. I even created a study-plan so I hope I can stick to it. Another weird thing about me is that I have lists for almost everything. This is my pathetic try to be organised but it hasn’t worked yet. But since I’m an optimistic person – sometimes at least – I am sure tomorrow will be the day I actually start to be organised and productive. And so should you! Stop spending your day doing useless stuff like eating, sleeping and breathing because all of that together is the evil source of procrastination. Sleep is for the weak anyways! I’m just kidding, but seriously, get your shit together and be productive. I’m partly talking to myself, partly to you, that one person who’s actually reading my pathetic little blog. Tomorrow will be great. I can feel it.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo




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