Back to reality…

I was trapped. Trapped in a dream I didn’t want to end. Suitor number 1 really was boyfriend material. I showed him around the castle grounds and we went to my favourite spots including the little pond in the park and the field next to the tennis courts. Since it was extremely cold outside, we decided to go back to the castle and he warmed me up with cuddles. He didn’t talk much, which honestly annoyed me at first, but hey, he’s a great listener and I talk way too much anyways (preferably about myself). Everyone says opposites attract and it was true because we are complete opposites: he’s introverted, quiet, friendly, and nerdy. I’m extroverted af, popular, loud, and creative. But maybe he is exactly what I need. I don’t think I could ever be in a relationship with a guy who talks as much as I do and who is as popular and vain as I am. I need a guy who is down to earth, loyal, smart and friendly and all of that applies to suitor number 1. But is he really the one?

A hot make-out-session later, we had to say goodbye. 40% of me wanted him to stay, but 60% of me wanted him to leave. Even though I was extremely tired, I felt wide awake and for the first time in a long time I felt alive.  I thought I was in love and I knew that I definitely wanted to see him again.

But now I’m here. Back in cruel reality. The worst thing is that he’s not with me and I genuinely miss him. The second worst thing is that I haven’t studied for my exam at all. Mid-terms really suck and so does my life if I fail. But it’s not too late because I can still start studying tomorrow… That’s what I keep telling myself every day. Did I mention that apart from being the Queen of selfies I also am the Queen of procrastination? By the way, Siri calls me Queen of the world – does that mean I’m a narcissist? It probably does. But anyways, I should stop procrastinating AND thinking about SN1 and instead get my life together and start revising for that goddamn exam. Two days left. I told my friend he’s allowed to roast me if I fail to meet my study goal and that’s how he replied: “Tick tock says the clock and it will soon be roast o’clock”. I HOPE NOT. I vow that I will spend at least four hours studying tomorrow to make up for all the revision I failed to do. Failure to do so will result in me roasting myself in my next blog-post. Talk to you later, bitches.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo


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