Fireworks and classy music

Last night, a guy punched me in the face.

But it still was one of the best nights ever! For those of you who didn’t read my last blog post, here’s a quick reminder: I ended up going to the bonfire party with that other guy, but whilst waiting for him to pick me up, I reconciled with suitor number 1. Sounds complicated, but it will get easier – I promise! I had an amazing night and met lots of new people. The strange thing was that I didn’t even look at my phone every three minutes to check and answer messages because I simply had such a good time (I still checked my messages at least twice per hour which is really unnatural for me). Another odd thing was that I only took three selfies that night and I am the Queen of selfies and everyone around me knows that – apart from my new friends. They were like me. But not like bitch-me. Neither like princess-me. They were like awesome-me. I admired them for their awesomeness and I was glad that I was a part of them. Not only for one night. Surprisingly, they didn’t judge me for my odd taste in music and my passion for films from the 60s – in fact, they loved me for it! The great conversations weren’t the only good part about the party: music, films, popcorn, marshmallows and fireworks! The fireworks were amazing and we actually had the crazy idea to light them inside of a carved pumpkin, which looked absolutely gorgeous and it was extremely cool at the same time.

At around 1am I had this amazing conversation with a guy I met at the party. We were talking about my idol – Audrey Hepburn. He shared my love for Audrey and he actually went to visit her grave in Switzerland, which was even cooler. At some point I was like “Have you seen “Funny Face”?” and he jumped up and screamed “OMG I love “Funny Face”!” And then he punched me in the face. Accidentally, of course. At first, I thought my nose was broken because it really hurt, but I simply shrugged it off after having checked my face in my phone camera. He got simply too excited about the fact that we both love Audrey so much. But honestly, who couldn’t love Audrey? If I could invite one dinner guest dead or alive, she would definitely be my first choice. Who would be yours?

After a while, we started listening to “Moon River” and me and the guy who took me to the party both knew the whole lyrics, which really surprised me (note: he loves Audrey as much as the other guy, but not as much as I do). It was one of the best nights ever. I have a feeling that tonight will be even better because I’m having a date with SN1. I will definitely let you know how it goes.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo


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