Bonfire Sluts & Second Choices

It’s Bonfire Night! Woo! But the best thing is that a guy invited me to a bonfire party. Of course, I’m used to getting invited to parties since this is part of being popular, but I kinda felt bad because I wanted to do something with suitor number 1…

So I decided to message him and ask him if he had any plans for bonfire night and he said that his friends – who are typically British sluts – invited him to a firework party. There would also be fireworks at the party I got invited to, but I decided not to mention that I was thinking of going to a party with another guy since I knew that SN1 liked me. At least I thought he did. SN1 said that he’d rather do something with me though which – not gonna lie – made me feel special. I was already  imagining how beautiful I’d look in the new dress I bought – which was extremely expensive but hey, it’s fashion! – and how romantic it would be to watch the fireworks together and simply enjoy each others company, which is why I told him that I’d love to go and see the fireworks with him.

But then I got bitch-slapped.

In the face.

With a chair.

Made of ion.

He said that I could come along and watch the fireworks with him AND his “friends”. My first reaction was telling him that I already had plans with another guy and that I’d rather kill myself than go and see the fireworks with him and his “friends”. Yes, that is exactly what I said. But wait – it’s getting even worse in a minute so keep reading. At least I only called his friends a “slutty bitch club” in my head. But he was the one who told me that he secretly hated all of his “friends”. He said that all they wanted was guy drama and that’s what he didn’t want. Those girls were breaking up with guys and sleeping with new ones every single week. Definitely slut-alarm! I might be a bitch sometimes, but I’m not a slut and I’d never hangout with sluts. But the worst thing was that he was treating me like I was his second choice – and I’m not the second choice of anyone! He treated his “friends” like the new Chanel collection of 2016 and me like the collection of 2015 which was still good, but new things were – in most cases, but not in the case of Vintage Chanel bags – better. For the first time in a while I felt deeply hurt. Everyone deserves to be someone’s first choice. But it seemed like I wasn’t his even though he said I was. But seriously, if he wanted to spend time with me, he could always visit me in my castle instead of hanging out with the slut-gang. So I told him that he shouldn’t treat me like his second choice and spending time with him and his “friends” would most certainly give me cancer. Seems like I’m going out with that other guy then. That’s still better than spending time with someone who secretly doesn’t want to spend time with you. Don’t let anyone bring you down because there are more important things in life and bonfire-sluts aren’t one of them.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo



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