PBA – Princess Bitch Alarm #1

This is me.

On most days.

Like today.

Forget about Georgina George, Blair Waldorf and Co because I’m worse than all of them together. Or better than all of them together. Blair didn’t manage to become a princess, but at least she got her happily ever after. I, on the other hand, roast the people around me and yet, they still love me. That doesn’t make sense, but I stopped questioning this peculiar behaviour a long time ago. The only problem is that I started to get meaner day by day… I’m by no means perfect. But could it be possible that a certain guy still thought I was? It could be.

To be honest, I have no idea why he thinks I’m perfect, but the fact that he does either means that he’s idealising me too much or that he’s a keeper. “You deserve to be treated like the princess you are.” That’s what he said. But he doesn’t seem to realise that I’m not a princess. I’m a princess bitch. I’m the girl who looks like a princess, acts like a princess, smells like a princess, but in reality I’m a cunning, manipulative bitch. But hey, I’m trying to improve! And it started today: I apologised to my best friend for being such a bitch. Then again, he was the bitch Harley last night while I was in bed writing my first blog-post ever. I hadn’t seen him in four days. FRICKIN FOUR DAYS. Just because bitch-me started a fight out of nowhere. It felt like an eternity. But luckily, we reconciled today. I can’t even describe how relieved I was when I saw him waiting for me in front of the castle. I felt like I was in a movie. I always have these movie-moments with him. He picked me up and gave me a long hug and suddenly, everything was fine again. I knew I’d be okay. Everything would be okay because I still had him in my life. And I knew we’d never fight again. At least I would try to be less of a bitch and more of a princess from now on. Also, I was really glad that I could tell him about all of the guy-drama that had happened in the past four days. I wasn’t sure if the guy who thinks I’m perfect – I’ll be referring to him as suitor number 1 or SN1 from now on – was the one for me even though I’d like him to be. SN1 tried to be the perfect gentleman, but he was neither funny nor interesting, which made the whole find-your-prince-charming-thingy even more difficult…

But at least I have my best friend back. I have a feeling that this week, even though it started rather dull, will be one of the best weeks ever – and if it isn’t, I’ll simply make it awesome because making things awesome is my specialty.

Don’t forget,

I’m the girl who knows it all. xoxo


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